Radha Soami Ji

Radha Soami Ji

Radha Soami Ji

Kuch baatein

Kuchh baatein jo Babaji ke pyare bache banne ke liye hamare andar honi hi chahiye Jabki sabse pehla number to bahut aur bahut saara bhajan-simran ka hai but iske saath hi kuch aur baatein equally important hain! . 1.Unconditional love: Niswarth bhav se guru ko pyar unke siva kuch

What is karma..?

What is Karma? asked the Swami to his audience.. To understand, here’s a short story, he gave. A king was touring his kingdom on his elephant. Suddenly he stopped in front of a shop in the market and said to his minister, “I don’t know why, but I want


Beloved, go through this story and then I pray that you will see the REASON TO BE GRATEFUL!!! A man reached 70 years of age and was affected by a disease which made him unable to urinate. The doctors told him that he needs an operation to cure the

Spiritual practice

Huzur was very critical of initiates who don’t meditate. He wrote:Those who don’t do their best in the spiritual practice & living the life according to the high principles of Sant Mat belongs to a class of sluggards who keep on expecting everything from the other party.Sloth never achieved

True worshiper

Once a king in India went to Guru Nanak Dev ji and asked: “O Guru! As you told us, God himself supports his true worshiper, but God has so many apostles, why does he support himself? Why does he not send his apostles to help the worshiper?” As he


Once Namdev went to Aundha Nagnath Temple (also sometimes written as “Avanda Nagnath Temple” ) situated in the state of Maharashtra in India. The Hindu priests of that temple believed in the caste system. After reaching the temple, Namdev sat and started worshiping God but the Hindu priests grabbed

Birah Satave Mohe Ko

Babaji Love

Five Enemies

Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Pride; five modes of destructive mental action which beset human beings and provides motives for performing actions. Action,which is an expression of ego,is also the compulsion of life because no one can live without constantly performing actions, but every new action further complicates our

Radha Soami

The Lord (Soami) of the soul (Radha); the supreme Lord, the lord of the highest spiritual stage; also the name of the stage itself.