Broker Recensione* Caratteristiche* Fai Trading #1: go to site: Deposito minimo 10€! Deposito: 10€ Profitto: 91%* Conto demo Gratuito di 10.000 Ques.1 If God has projected himself in all the different forms here,then God is in everything,right?

Ans.1Yes,God is in everything.God itself is reality.Where ever god is,is a reality.But the house in which god lives is not real-that will perish.This body-you call it real,but it will become ash,flame,just merge into the dust,it will be no more.Where is the reality then?It is unreal.And god is not burned along in the fire.God is not buried along in the grave.God is real,other things will perish,they will decay.God won’t decay.So god is real,but other things are perishable.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ques.2 What was in beginning?

Ans. First,there was only the Lord,who is without beginning and without end.He has projected himself everywhere.
There was nothing besides him.He was the only one.All that we see is just his own projection.Everything is projected from him.If we admit that there was something besides him,then the Lord is not one.He is the only one-he always was,
is and will be.He is everywhere,and everything is his own projection
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ go to site Ques.3 If everything really is a part of God, Kal is a part of God,how did he become such an evil enemy to man?

Ans.This is all God’s Creation.In order to run the universe,he needs all sorts of forces to keep people here.If Kal had not been here,we would all have gone back to the lord again.This universe would not have existed.In order that the universe should go on,he wants such things,so that we get under their sway and forget the Lord;but still,he has also kept a way or path so that we can get release from this domain and go back to him.If he does not want this universe,it cannot exist even for a day.It is here because he wants it to be here,and whatever you see,all forces have come from him.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ques.4 Does Kal recognize the mercy of the Lord?

Ans.You see,satsangis don’t have to bother about Kal at all.They have to live with the teachings of their master.
They are not to live with Kal at all.Kal plays tricks to pull you out and to deter you from the path.But if you
live with your path and with your master,nobody can bother you.So we are in the realm of Kal,being here,but he is not controlling our destiny.Our destiny is in somebody else’s hands,who stands as a ransom,though of course we have to pay for whatever we have sown.We have to go through our destiny.But som body has taken reponsibilty for us,to clear us from all that destiny and take us back to the father.So we are not worried about Kal or anybody else.
opzioni binarie che cose Ques:5 When we are approached on the street by alcoholics or beggars,should we give them money?

Ans:If you know that your money is going to be misused,you should never give it,when you know that the beggar is going to drink,and misuse the money,I dont think its wise to give him any.If you know that hes going to put it to good use,then of course there’s no harm in helping him.
see url Could we take on someone else karma that way?
Well,if you give the money knowing that you are encouraging him to do something which you dont want him to do,you are becoming a part of him to some extent.
go here Ques:6 If we often hear people talk of hells and heavens.Are these just metaphorical,or are they really in the domain of God?

Ans:You see,there is heaven,there is hell,but the word heaven is used very loosely.We also call our Father’s residence heaven.Actually,heaven is something different than where the father lives.If we do good deeds,we are sent to heaven to reap the result of our good karmas.That is only for a certain time.And when we finish the effects of the good karmas,we are sent back to this universe again.If we do bad deeds,wicked deeds,we are sent to hell.That is also just for a certain time.When we finish all the effects of our bad karmas,we come back to this world again.
follow link Ques:7 I would like to know if it is correct to think that the karma of our health is,perhaps,the heaviest one?

Ans:Sister,every karma is heavy.The karma which binds us to this creation is heavy because the soul wants to go back to its creator,it is yearning to become one with its creator.Anything which keeps it tied down to this creation is a burden on the soul.And that load is naturally heavy,as long as the soul is separated from the creator.Every karma is heavy.What difference does it make whether it is a small brick or a big boulder hovering over a needle,when the needle cannot go back to the magnet?The weight is there,whetherit is light or heavy.As long as the weight is there,the needle cannot be attracted by the magner.Every little load on the soul is heavy.So some people feel that anything concerning health is heavy karma.So it is an individual way of thinking.But from my point of view,every karma is heavy as long as it keeps the soul tied down to this creation-even to the last,last wrapping.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ques:8 Is there any karma involved if a person resorts to surgical sterilization?Or to effect birth control?

Ans:If it is in his kerma to go through a surgical operation and not to have any children,he will have to do that.Nothing happens without karma.So that was his karma which led him to that.
Tadalafil Oral Strips Australia Ques:9 Can we cancel out our bad karmas with good karmas?

Ans: Meditation is required to burn all karmas.Good and Bad are comparative words.What you may call good,it may be bad.What you may call bad,it may turn out to be good.These are comparative words.But karmas are karmas.You see,when we are in a better situation,a healthy situation,we think that is the result of good karmas.When we are right in the middle of a miserable situation,we think it is a result of bad karmas,But that is our classification.Karmas are Karmas.
quiero conocer a mujeres rusas Ques:10 Some people can concentrate better than others on studies or studies or on other worldly problems.Do such people have any advantage over those who cannot ,in regard to spiritual achievement?

Ans:Spiritual Concentration is different from worldly concentration.Some people are intellectual,born intellectuals,according to their karmas.Some people are spiritually inclined,and they do not care much for worldly things.They are only happy to be one with the lord.They always try to follow the path.So it depends upon the individual karmas.