go to site http://talkinginthedark.com/2017/03/21/free-ebook/ Que:1 What if the father doesn’t want us to follow a spiritual path?

http://www.ecoshelta.com/?kampys=blog-studenti-opzioni-binarie&9f1=43 Ans: We should never try to follow anybody,any path,unless there is a strong inner urge,a pull from within which we can’t resist.We should never jump into any philosophy or rush to follow and teacher.We must always know where we stand and then be receptive to the urge which come from within.
badoo site de rencontre en martinique Que:2 Does a soul have to be initiated in this lifetime to reach Sach Khand? If somebody was initiated in another life-time,do they have to be initiated again in this lifetime?

http://hillviewfreelibrary.org/?frencyz=association-pour-rencontrer-des-filles&111=2a Ans:They will have to be.The soul must be initiated in that lifetime.But that soul will pick up the thread from where it left off in the last birth.It will make better progress.It will start from that very point in its mental and spiritual progress,and then start to progress upwards.But it has to be initiated.
follow Que:3 Is it possible for a person who is either blind,deaf,dumb,or crippled in any way to receive this nam?

click here Ans:Well,brother that divine melody is within every one of us.It has nothing to do with our outside ears,nothing to do with our eyes,nothing to do with any defect in the body.Anybody having no eyes or being deaf who is able to withdraw his consciousness to the eye centre will be attached to the melody within.It is a different ear within which hears the voice of God.It is a different eye within which sees the light of God.So these eyes and ears dont make any difference at all,if the soul is marked and is pulled within.The soul may finally pass within.The soul may come to the path,in spite of all these handicaps.
source url Que:4 If one has got faith,how does one acquire it?

see url Ans:Well,brother,faith just comes by his grace.We cant acquire it,We may think that we have acquired faith,but actually it is given by him,when he pulls us from within.Only then do we start worshiping him,thinking about him.When he wants to put us on a certain path,he helps us from within,to satisfy our intellect.Satisfaction of the intellect will give you faith and faith will give you practice.Without satisfaction of the intellect there can be no faith.You can’t brush aside your intellect and say that i have built faith.Again intellect will jump in the way with more force,more vigour.So it’s always better to satisfy your intellect.
الخيارات الثنائية التداول أي خير Que:5 I am from India.and so many of my friends,Americans friends,always ask about the diet.Some of them want to eat meat.Now afterwards the question comes-they ask,if the law of karma applies to drinks and meats,then who is the bearer of the karma:the killer of the cow or the eater of the meant?

cherche rencontrer femme Ans:Both if the eater is not there,the killer won’t be there,If the demand is there,the supply will be there.So the eater creates the demand and the killer supplies that demand.Therefore,both are responsible.