Babaji Question- Answers

opcje binarne najlepsza strategia Ques:1 Is the time of our death already set?

Ans:Yes,it is definitely set.You cannot increase even a breath.You cannot change even the place where you have to die.It’s all set,if all little detailed things are set for us in this world,If we have no free will,death cannot be in our hand,cannot be our choice.Even that is destined.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ques.2 To what degree should we follow astrology?

Ans:Well,brother,it is a science.To what extent it is correct depends upon the interpretation of the person who is doing it.If we all know and realize that everything is destined,nothing can be changed.Then why run after astrology to know what is going to happen?We are curious to know what comes next,what I am going to face.But can you change it?You can’t change it.Everything is destined.You have to go through it.The first fundamental principle of astrology is that your destiny is destined,and astrologers try to tell you what you are going to face.So it is always better to leave it to the father and face our destiny smilingly.
How To Get Cytotec Prescription in Durham North Carolina Ques:3 Does every human being go through the 8400000 species before it attains the human form?

Ans:It is not essential that you must go through the whole cycle.When you get this opportunity,if you don’t make use of it,then you can scale down.Not what you maust come through the cycle of 84 again.No .Wherever your karmas will pull you,wherever you can fulfil those karmas,you will go to that level.After that,you will get to come up again. That means you could get another human form again,after?
Thats right.You see,the Lord doesn’t find excuses to push us down.We are given every reasonable opportunity to improve.But if we refuse to,then nobody can keep us from going back into the creation.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ques:4 Is it ever necessary for a satsangi-that is,one who has been initiated by a true master-to reincarnate into an animal form?
Ans:Even if his karma was bad,he will not be sent lower than the human birth.It is not necessary for the soul to come back into the animal form.We do not come down.We go up.Such a person may get another human form,and in that form he will have to go through all those bad karmas,but he will not go down into a lower species.
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Ans:If a satsangi is faithful to his initiation and faithful to his meditation,then nobody can pull him down.
order Pregabalin online uk Ques:6 There is any difference between God and the spirit?

Ans There is no difference between the rays and the sun.The rays come from the sun and merge back into the sun.So the soul comes from God and merges back into the same God.Potentially,every soul is God,because its origin is the Creator.Ultimately,every initiated soul will merge back into the creator and become one with him.But there is only one God.He is everywhere,yet he is separate from everyone and everything.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________' UNION SELECT CHAR(45,120,49,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,50,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,51,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,52,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,53,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,54,45,81,45),CHAR(45,120,55,45,81,45)-- Ques:7 Is it even possible to fulfil our desire here?

Ans: Desires can never be fulfilled.If you go on putting wood in the fire,the fire will always go on burning.If you stop feeding it with fuel,naturally there won’t be any fire.You try to fulfil one or two desires,and the mind creates another twenty.We make a list of twenty,and the mind creates another thirty.Destiny can never be fulfilled.The mind has to rise above these desires and learn to live in the will of the father.Whatever he gives,we should accept with gratitude.He knows best what to give us.We must have faith in him.Whatever he gives,that is for our advantage,and we should accept it.We shouldn’t desire anything at all.
bahai dating sites Ques:8 Should one desire to be a master?

Ans: You get many things even when you don’t desire them.I’m only doing that duty allotted to me by my predecessor.If it were in my hands,I would not stay,even for one second,on this stage.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ques:9 What is the name of the supreme being?

Ans:Give him any name.Call him God if you like.After all,the Lord who is remembered by so many names really has no name.He is also called the nameless one,and his abode is also known as the nameless region.
annonce pour site de rencontre Ques:10 I have a question about worship and worshipping?

Ans:Worship means complete submission to other being,losing your own identity;to become another being is worshipping the other being.