Baba Ji Question-Answers Singapore “Dec 2013” Ques.1. : Babaji, like me or some other (young) seeker who hasn’t been initiated and he or she dies, then what would become of the seeker?

sites de rencontres pour hommes d'affaires Babaji – Son, this is a relationship of love. The relationship was formed on day one (when you were born? or when you met Babaji? or from the beginning of time? Could mean either). If you have faith He (God) will surely take care of you.

como ganhar dinheiro com forex Same boy: Babaji, please tell me a word which I can repeat (like simran) before I go to bed. Babaji – Son, while you are single, you can repeat any word you like, once you are married you’ll only have your wife’s name on your lips… Ques.2. Babaji when one of us smiles, a couple of people smile with us, but when you smile, the whole world smiles. ?

source site Babaji – And so?

opzioni digitali capire i grafici Ques.3. Girl: So Babaji, please keep smiling

see Babaji – Daughter, if I smile all the time, no one will pay attention to what I’m saying. If your parents smile while they scold you, will you pay attention to what they’re saying?

click Ques.4. Boy: Babaji, what were your thoughts (feelings) when you came to know that you have become the Sangat’s Master? Babaji – No one asked me! If they had, I would’ve run away!

Ques.5. Girl: Babaji I request that kids be allowed to sing shabads in the satsang centres as well.

Babaji – Daughter, all this is being organized. This will happen at it’s destined time.

Ques.6. Boy: Babaji, I’m not too educated or anything, you please sort it for me. (Everyone laughs at this innocent request) Boy: I mean, I want yours and my parents’ blessings and protection always (I want your hand on my head – in blessing). Please always let me be in your grace and protection.

Babaji – Never mind son, I’ll sort you out properly!

Ques.7. Girl: Babaji when you are delivering satsang, why don’t you smile?

Babaji – Daughter I would smile if there was something to smile or laugh about

Ques.8. Girl: But Babaji one should smile (or laugh -the word used in Hindi/Punjabi is used for both smiling and laughing) a little bit.

Babaji – Okay, so if you are asked to deliver satsang, will you laugh? The girl tried to ask a further question, but Babaji insisted, ‘First tell me, would you laugh?’

Ques.9. Boy: Babaji, you say sewa should be without any expectation of reward, but the mind sometimes still desires.

Babaji – What desire (do you have)?

Boy: Like, everyone has some desires.

Babaji – Forget everyone, tell me what do you desire? Boy tried to ask a different question but Babaji said ‘No, tell me what you desire first… Both you and I know what it is.’

Ques.10. Boy: I am accustomed to commiting mistakes every now n then and very often

Babaji – My Dear, human is an effigy of wrong deeds .. if we dont commit mistakes .. we would never exist here

Ques.11. Boy: why does Gita (holy book of Hindus) state that Karmas are meant to be done .. and we shouldnt worry about its consequences ?

Babaji – We are tied to the ribbons of World because of our aspirations .. if we dont worry about what will happen as a result of it .. we wont aspire !

Ques.12. Boy: With what word did your mother address u in your childhood ?

Babaji – Puttar ( a term used to lovingly address a son ) ( Babaji looks towards his right and smiles at his mother siting there ) !

Ques.13. Girl: A girl burst into tears .. Babaji looked at her for a minute and said

Babaji – My dear, you must sit down and handle yourself !

Girl: Babaji, I lost my father a couple of years back. how do i forget him ?

Babaji – My dear, why to forget him ? Just contemplate over what he wished from you !

Ques.14. Boy: Will we get salvation in the present birth? My uncle says that people sit in Trikuti for many years !

Babaji – No, if we sit in meditation, then it is possible !

Ques.15. Boy : Baba ji, why you dont speak shabads?

Babaji – Son, i tell the meaning of the shabads that pathi reads during satsang and now you want that i should sing song with doing satsang.

Ques.16. Girl: Baba ji, how are you so beautiful?

Babaji – Its my secret if i will disclose than whole world would become beautiful.

Ques.17. Girl: Baba ji when you come on stage and fold hands than what do you recite.

Babaji – What should i recite nothing. i only remember my god.

Ques.18. Girl: Baba ji, what was the biggest mischief done by you in your childhood?

Babaji – If i would tell you than you would say that this mischief was done by baba ji also(laughter in sangat)