Satsang Schedules

Satsang:The company of truth;association with the truth.Satsang ordinarily means the company of saints or advanced souls,or a gathering of devotees held under the auspices of a saint,where a discourse on God,Name,meditation and the master is presented;the discourse itself is also called a satsang.Satsang has a deeper sense as well,meaning internal satsang,the association or union of the soul with the true Nam.

Babaji Satsang Schedule Across India for the Year 2018

Jan-2018 20,21 Sat,Sun Raipur 09:30am
Jan-2018 23,24 Tue,Wed Biaora(M.P) 09:30am
Jan-2018 27,28 Sat,Sun Indore 09:30am
Feb-2018 3,4 Sat,Sun Hyderabad 09:30am
Feb-2018 6,7 Tue,Wed Saharanpur 10:00am
March-2018 3,4 Sat,Sun Jammu 10:00am
March-2018 6,7 Tue,Wed Mumbai 9:30am
March-2018 9,10,11 Fri.Sat,Sun Delhi 9:00am
March-2018 13,14 Tue,Wed Jamshedpur 09:30am
May-2018 5,6 Sat,Sun Paror 09:30am
June-2018 2,3 Sat,Sun Solan 10:00am
Aug-2018 18,19 Sat, Sun Bengaluru 9.30am
Sep-2018 21,22,23 Fri,Sat,Sun Delhi 09:00am
Nov-2018 3,4 Sat,Sun Rudrapur 10:00am
Nov-2018 6,7 Tue,Wed Lucknow 10:00am
Nov-2018 10,11 Sat,Sun Nagpur 09:30am
Nov-2018 17,18 Sat,Sun Sikanderpur 10:00am
Nov-2018 23,24,25 Fri,Sat,Sun Delhi 09:00am
Nov-2018 27,28 Tue,Wed Suratgarh 10:00am
Dec-2018 22,23 Sat,Sun Jaipur 10:00am
Dec-2018 25,26 Tue,Wed Ahmedabad 10:00am
Dec-2018 28,29,30 Fri,Sat,Sun Mumbai 9:30am

Babaji Satsang Schedule of Beas for the year 2018

Feb-2018 11,18,25 Sun Beas 10:00am
March-2018 18,25 Sun Beas 9:00am
April-2018 1 Sun Beas 9:00am
May-2018 13,20,27 Sun Beas 8:30am
July-2018 1 Sun Beas 8:30am
Sep-2018 2,9,16 Sun Beas 8:30am
Oct-2018 14,21,28 Sun Beas 09:00am
Dec-2018 2,9,16 Sun Beas 10:00am

Listening to satsang is very important to know the real goals of our life,Ceaselessly repeat the Name of God and you will find fulfilment.Every day,and regularly Early morning,afternoon and evening-keep repeating the Name.
Through times of happiness or hardship,times auspicious or inauspicious,resting and sleeping,keep repeating the Name.Walking,talking,eating,working,enjoyment the pleasure of life,never forget the Name.Rich or poor-whatever your destiny-stay in the atmosphere of the Name.In childhood and youth,in dark days and old age,in all the stages of life-and at the end-keep repeating the Name.Great merit goes to those who live in constant meditation.The name destroys mountains of misdeeds,and its open to everyone-it knows no high or low,intelligent or dull.All can cross the ocean of existence with the help of the Name.

Knowledge of God is conceived and nurtured to birth within the womb of devotion-through bhakti alone comes knowledge.Devotion is the root,detachment the flower and realization the fruit.First the flower,then the fruit.Fools seek knowledge without devotion,but can there be fruit with no root.Knowledge of God,with its root in devotion,does not fall from the branch-mother bhakti has made it strong.Wherever there is pure devotion and pure heart,there God stays and waits,there realization dwells with bliss.There deep concentration and contentment. Practise pure devotion and enlightenment will bow at your feet.

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