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Paltu Sahib (1710-1780)

Paltu Sahib was born in Nanga-Jalalpur in UttarPradesh near Ayodhya, a town sacred to Hindus and a place of pilgrimage. A grocer by profession, Sant Paltu later lived in Ayodhya,where he spread the teachings of Nam. A disciple and successor of Gobind Sahib, Paltu fearlessly denounced the rituals and

Feet of the Master

In India Bowing at someone’s feet or washing their feet indicates respect. Thus this expression connotes the respects and devotion that the discipline feels for the master, as well as the shelter and protection of the Master for the discipline. To surrender at the Master’s feet is an expression

Farid Sheikh(1173-1265)

Sheikh Farid, or Baba Farid, a muslim Saint whose verses are preserved in the Adi Granth, was the earliest-known mystic poet who wrote in Punjabi. Born near Multan (now in Pakistan), Farid undertook rigorous self-discipline and physically punishing methods in his attempt to achieve his goal of God-realization. Eventually