About RSSB

Radha Soami philosophy is based on the teachings of various saints and gurus of all the religions. There is no difference of cast or religion in any means, The Santmat includes all religions. The followers need to follow the right path of Ruhaniat as told by the great living master The Radha Soami Satsang Beas is non-profitable charitable organisation and an autonomous body which has no political links with any party or with other contemporary movements which use the name Radha Soami.

The RSSB has its Centres all across the globe in 90 Countries. The Radha Soami Satsang Beas has large number of followers from all parts of the world. The followers should follow the path of Santmat as told by the living master. they should restrained themselves from alcoholic substances and non vegetarian food. They should live a simple life by doing the Surat shabad Yog.

Listening to Satsang and doing Sewa is mandatory for all the followers. Followers are requested to reach Satsang Pandal 30 minutes before the start of satsang so that they can relish the Shabads chanted in the Pandal. Sewa and Satsang are mandatory to create the environment for every Satsangi for doing the real sewa that is “Bhajan Simran“. Sewa done by keeping your own desires away is the real Sewa.

We should make our habit to do daily Bhajan Simran. The teachings of these saints are known as Santmat. There are various centres in all over the world which are running under this community and we call them as Satsang Ghar. These are the places where we seek the truth. Your inner soul will say you not to do any bad deeds in your life and always to remember your God.

The Satsang and Sewa are the Necessities of the Santmat. The followers should involve themselves in sewa of the Sangat.They should do Sewa from “Tann,Mann and Dhan”.The Zigyasu should attend the satsang regularly on Selected sundays of the year at the Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, Beas(Amritsar).The Sangat should follow all the rules of Santmat. They need to do Surat shabad yog for 2:30 hours a day for sure.The Surat Shabad yog is considered as the strongest pillar and necessity of Santamat.

The Radha Soami Satsang centres is situated in various towns of india and abroad. The satsang schedule in centre is twice a week. As the Saints said "Satsang teko janiye jithe eko naam bakhaniye" Satsang is a place where we admire only one god and not about stories of kings and other people.

The Surat Shabad yog is realization of God from innerself.It does not consist of any rites, rituals, ceremonies. The Radha Soami Satsang Beas doesn’t teach its followers to give away their age old traditions, but they say that the followers can carry on their traditions but they should do the Surat Shabad Yog.

The Teaching of Santmat is to do Bhajan Simran of almighty God While living at home, they dont say that Followers should leave their houses and go to forests, religious places or Himalayas to do the bhakti, Zigyasu can do the Simran and Surat Shabad Yog while living with their families at their Home

At Radha Soami Satsang Beas we are told about the real meaning of our precious life and make us aware about the truth which we should accept Human is searching for the Great power - God at different places in the world like Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and all. But the reality is we cannot find this Great power anywhere in the world. He does not reside in mountains, forests etc. The God lives inside every creature. All the creatures in this world are the creations of this great Master.Human is one of the wonderful creations of this God. He has put himself inside every living being. But the human is searching for God outside.

In Satsang at Radha Soami Beas Baba ji teaches us that we should utilize time in our daily life and utilize in doing Bhajan Simran. He gives an example: Suppose a student has done hard work to prepare for his exam. He has attended all his lectures. But if he could not take his final exam, then he cannot crack his exam. So we should do right things on right time.

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